Runs and drives great! Gets 44 miles per gallon highway!


We purchased it several years ago it had around 140k. It has treated us well during the time we have had it.

While we have had it we replaced the serp belt, ac compressor, and erg valve.

In the quest to see how many miles per gallon we would get it also received a complete tune-up including air filter.

It currently has around 154k on it as of 4/5/17 and we continue to use it.

The ONLY REASON we are willing to part with it is because the rear seats do not fold down and is a hindrance to us.

It has treated us so well in fact we have replaced it with another Honda Insight Hybrid which is a hatchback.

It does have its fair share of dents but its been a great car to us!

It will get a new inspection when the time comes.